Water – Life floats on wooden palaces

Life flows – At tranquil water beds…
Not experienced this heavenly ambience yet?
It's high time for a second thought…

Eco-friendly floating inns. Heavenly ambience. Caravan style living. Sundecks. Cozy living rooms. Swish bedrooms. Uninterrupted water supply. Pollution free zones. No traffic jams. No signal lights. No ear-deafening horns. Speed never kills. Park where you please. Remember time and tide never wait…

Water - The Floating Wonders

Start your day with a trip to Kumarakom, a four hours drive from Thekkady/Munnar. Here the biggest attraction is House Boats/Kettuvallams.

'Houseboats' the traditional huge barges, which were used to cruise through multiple waterways had recently undergone a face lift. As a result they are now hailed as 'eco-friendly floating inns'. If you haven't experienced the heavenly ambience in a houseboat - it's is high time for a second thought, remember time and tide never wait…

The fully furnished houseboats based on the caravan-style, are equipped with sundecks, cozy living rooms, well furnished bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, uninterrupted water supply and a well maintained kitchen and even a balcony for angling.

Shades are provided in the form of curved roof of plaited palm, which allow uninterrupted views. While some boats are poled by local oarsmen, most are powered by a 9 HP engine. Boat trains formed by joining two or more houseboats together are also there to facilitate sight-seers in large numbers.

The houseboat crew would ensure that the 'guest' is relaxed and always at peace.

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You can enjoy the serene beauty of nature by cruising through the backwaters of Kumarakom and Alleppey. The houseboats are fully equipped with delicious Kerala cuisines served for breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks & dinner. The scrumptious lunch is arranged with dishes like Pearl Spotted Fish (Karimeen), Prawns (Chemeen) and Tiger Prawns (Konju).

Kumarakom is also a safe haven for migratory birds attracted by comfortable nesting amidst trees and a close source of food and water delivered by the Vembanad lake. The fertile soil of Kumarakom can breed a wide variety of flora that includes Coconut and Mangrove trees.

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