Kerala – Earth has nothing to show more fair!

Life that has to be experienced to be believed...
Greenpepper holidays invites you to kerala...
Where nature proudly says "it's ME"...

A unique way to explore the God's own country. Holiday Pancha Bhoota. Embark on a trip that last for 12 days. Explore the most beautiful part of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky at one shot. The five elements that constitute pancha bhoota according to the folkfore.

Every living being, according to the Indian philosophy, is made up of a living material which has five basic constituents known as Pancha (five) Bhoota's (elements) - Earth (pruthvi), Water (aap), Divine Fire (tej), Air (vayu) and Sky/ Universal Space (aakash).Our pancha bhoota holidays blend all these elements to Kerala culture and nature. The pancha bhoota package tries to explore the sense and spirit of the five basic elements that formed the wonderful state called LIFE. It is a journey full of life and beauty and it's a call to enjoy the very essence of life, a call to be in the nature's very bosom.

The Luxury of Pancha Bhoota

The concept of pancha bhoota holidays is formulated with a mixture of traditional beliefs and natural blessings according to Indian philosophy. Here Pancha Bhoota's are five basic elements that constitute the tourism map of Kerala. They are - Earth (forest stay), Water (backwater holidays), Divine Fire (cultural activities), Air (hill stations) and Universal Space (sky- ultimate beach holidays).

Pancha bhoota is a specially designed holiday package that takes the visitor to five different destinations representing the five elements of pancha bhoota on 12 different days.

If you want to grab five things from kerala that cannot be missed at one shot, just book a greenpepper pancha bhoota holidays.

Here comes the magnificence of pancha bhoota…
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