Divine Fire – the tradition that inspires generations

In the cultural capital – Cheruthuruthy…
On the banks of the river Nila…
Visit to places where fire is used as a worship tool…

A cultural symbol - Kerala Kalamandalam. The best of traditional arts. Kathakali. Mohiniyattam. Koothambalams. Kalaries. Unbelievable costume gallery. Food Delicacies. Traditional Kerala lunch with 18 varieties of dishes. Visit to potter's colony. Guruvayoor temple. The divine architecture. Elephant sanctury. Herd of 50 temple elephants.…

Divine Fire - The Cultural Feast
Activities start from 6.00 am

From your hotel suite, just glance over the panoramic view of river Nila. Sprawling 209 km's in length and more than 2kms in width, the largest river of Kerala offers a cool gorgeous morning that one can ever dream of.

At 9 am, it's time to have a closer look on Kerala Kalamandalam -the centre of excellence in performing traditional arts of Kerala. For decades, this deemed university holds aloft the prestige of Kerala traditional arts especially those that developed in the state of Kerala. You are about to experience Kalamandalam with "A day with masters cultural tourism package". Students of Kalamandalam will guide you through the koothambalam, the Kalaries and a costume gallery of Kerala's traditional arts. Besides observing the classes in progress, you will gain knowledge of, for example, that there are nine facial rasas (emotions) and more than 600 hand gestures those artists have to master or that the whole Kathakali headgear can weigh up to 77 pounds (34 kilograms). In an attempt to explore the art and literature culture of Kerala, you can pay heed to the experiences divulged by the maestros of various arts. Being a guest in the class room, you can clarify all your doubts and learn its craft from the scratch. If you are an ardent follower of traditional arts, then each minute you spend here is worth its weight in Gold.

At noon, it's time to return to the hotel for a delicious and typical kerala lunch with more than 18 varieties of mouth-watering dishes to mix with rice. This will be followed by the serving of the ever-delicious Payasam. After a short siesta, you can pay a visit to kumabarans colony, a traditional potters colony. After exploring and understanding the craft of traditional pottery making, at late night you will be dropped back to the place of accommodation.

Morning 7 a.m. a visit to the Guruvayoor temple
Click to enlarge Kathakali

The 5000 years old Guruvayoor temple was believed to be built by Vishwakarma, the divine architect. This had become the most popular pilgrimage center in Kerala, in the 16th century. Being a divine place of international acclaim, this temple hosts the maximum number of marriages in the state. On the Vijayadasami day, hundreds reach Guruvayoor with offerings, to initiate their children into the world of letters. Here you can also pay your attention on a wedding ritual or enjoy the artistic excellence of murals/paintings created around the Chuttambalam.

10 am : The elephant sanctuary at Punnathoor kotta is the largest of its kind with more than 50 temple elephants. Elephants are brought here as ritual offerings to the temple, which is located just 2 km's away from the Guruvayoor town. 51 elephants are now groomed in the extensive 10 acres compound. Many pachyderms spruced here had simply walked its way to history. The memories of the renowned Guruvayoor Kesavan, who was regarded as the king of elephants, still enthrall the hearts of elephant lovers worldwide. His kingly appearance, intelligence and devotion to the Lord were simply unforgettable.

About noon it is time to return to the hotel for your pre arranged lunch.

At around 3 pm,
it's now time to
move to Munnar…
to explore…
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