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Nature Beckons – Wildlife and forest trekking. Expect a close brush with wild animals. Rocky hilltops. Waterfalls. Treetop wood houses. Awesome resorts. Eco friendly plantation visits. Historical Monuments. Jain temple. Edakkal caves. Muthanga reserves. Indegenous handicrafts at Uravu…

Earth - The Green ChannelAlmost 26% of Kerala's land is wrapped under the forest belt and Wayanad holds a major chunk of the same. No wonder, it is home to two most important wild life reserves of the State- Muthanga and Tholpetty. Taken together, they are spotted with a wide range of flora and fauna including numerous endangered species like Nilgiri langur, barking dears, leopards, wild boars, antelopes and a rich variety of birds and reptiles. Apart from being an integral part of Western Ghats, Wayanad wildlife sanctuaries are must visit destinations for most wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Refresh yourself

After disembarking at the Calicut international airport, you will be picked up in a luxurious SUV to a refreshment center with star deluxe accommodation facilities.

Activities start from 6.30 am

From here you start to explore the refreshing Kerala, unbelievably beautiful, unnaturally green. You enter into the oxygen bar of rich forest. Nature in full glow, you can't ask for anything better to meet the needs of body, mind and soul. Yes, nestled at an altitude of almost 2000mts above the sea level, Wayanad is the place where man and nature move hand in hand.

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The natural beauty and resources of Wayanad offers plenty of scope for Adventure Tourism. You can find wild streams to take quick showers, blunt rocks to climb up and the picturesque surroundings always keep the visitors at charm.

The thrill of adventure can be heightened by a stay in a tree top wood house or a resort deep inside the jungles. Explore the really wild and dangerous forest in the early morning with the assistance of a trained guide and a forest guard. During this wild trekking it is highly unlikely that you'll return with a close brush with wild animals.

Take your adventure skills for a walk by breathing under the neck of tigers and gaur's that are on the prowl. An encounter with the most unexpected visitor by your side can hold your breath for a while. Yes, the wild Asian tuskers that walk alone, may spring a surprise at any time. Don't press the panic button; the guide is thoroughly experienced to tackle all emergency situations and a trained forest guard will always be at hand for help.

Wayanad's tropical rain forest contains one of the world's most ancient and complex environments. No doubt, the world recognizes this forest for its bio diversity. After checking out from the forest you will start moving towards the Jain temple, (details of jain temple.

On your return trip the sprawling and eco-friendly plantation of Wayanad offers you an amazing experience.

A visit to tourist centers

The next day morning your trip starts with a ride towards Edakkal caves, an interesting trek up to the Ambukuthi hills near Ambalavayal town takes you to the fascinating Neolithic cave site of Edakkal. Etchings found on the walls of these caves have drawn serious attention of archaeologists and historians worldwide.

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With at least three distinct sets of petroglyphs, the earliest being considered 5000 years old, it is assumed that the Edakkal caves had been inhabited at various stages in history. An interesting attraction, close on the heels is a telescope being set by DTPC, a few feet away from the caves. This offers a panoramic vision of the neighboring country sides. After enjoying the beauty of Edakkal caves you can now move towards Uravu.

Uravu is an NGO that works in the area of indigenous sciences and technology. They run a successful bamboo crafts design and production centre along with a bamboo nursery. Uravu has a whole range of functional and decorative products created out of the wonderful materials found abundantly in Wayanad. You can view and shop for products at their sales outlets.

By noon you will return to your resort. After a delicious lunch you start the check out procedures. Your next move is towards Calicut. Here you visit the C V N Kalari, where the traditional martial art of kerala Kalarippayattu has been practiced and performed. The origin of Kalarippayattu can be traced back to the Vedic period. Kalarippayattu the forerunner of all of martial arts is a refined and most scientific method of physical culture originated in kerala as early as in 4th century A D. In Malayalam (the official language of Kerala) Kalari means a Gymnasium and Payat means the particular practice of wielding weapons and physic in a Kalari. C V N Kalari Nadakkavu, situated in the heart of Calicut City where this traditional martial art has been practiced and performed for more than half a century. Your visit to the C V N kalari, will offer you never before aqitance with this sacred martial art and besides these you can witness a breathtaking practice performance by the exponents of Kalari.

By 6 pm you start
your journey towards Cheruthuruthy…
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