Handicrafts of Kerala

“Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Limited, a Government of Kerala undertaking, was formed in 1968 for the preservation and promotion of traditional handicrafts”
“Handicrafts form an important part of the cultural inheritance of Kerala”

Kerala is not only a land of infinite charm and infectious gaiety, but also hosts some exquisite variety and premium quality of handicrafts. Shopping in this land, which is rich in traditional handicrafts, is a delightful experience. The versatile artisans of Kerala used to craft out a wide variety of objects with impeccable finish.

Crafts depicting snake boat race of kerala and Life size models of Kathakali are exclusive masterpieces that display the dexterity of the sculptors. Most handicrafts are made of wood, coir and coconut shells. The idols of Lord Nataraja in dancing posture and Nilavilakku (in different sizes), can also be found in the shops.

Handicrafts form an important part of the Cultural inheritance of Kerala. Cast Bell Metal Work, Jewellery, Granite Idols, Pillars, Coir, Coconut Shell products,
Carvings in Wood, especially Rose Wood or Sandal Wood, Snake
Boat models and other figurines are the hot pieces of shopping.
Among the traditional handicrafts metal arts come in the
premium category.Handicrafts made of teak,deep-wine
rosewood and fragrant sandalwood may surely take ones breath away.

The Aranmula metal mirror, the Changalavatta, (Greek lamp) the Archana lamp etc are some handicrafts
which exemplify the Kerala culture. The art of weaving bamboo-reed mats, baskets and fancy articles
are some other simple Kerala handicrafts. Cane is used to manufacture articles of daily use like chairs,
settees, teapoys, cradles, trays, shopping bags and a variety of other utility-cum-fancy articles.

The jewelry of Kerala is renowned for its imaginative excellence. Each caste or community
has its own way of adorning ornaments. Nagapadam or serpent head is popular among the
Nair women. Mukkuthi is an ornament to wear on the nose and Kappu for the wrist.

The most popular ornaments to wear on the neck are Addyal, Yantram, Avil Mala and
Puli Nakham. Cherutali is a kind of necklace worn loose over the breast by Namboodiri
women while Kasu Mala and Oddyanam were used by Tamil Brahmin.

Toda, an ornament meant for the ear is worn after dilating the earlobes. A kind of weighty guilt brass
ring called Mekka Motiram is worn by the Christian women. Ottezhapathakkam, Kombu, Tala etc., are
some other typical Christian ornaments.

The Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Limited, a Government of Kerala undertaking, was formed in
1968 for the preservation and promotion of tradition through a series of streamlined schemes. Across the nation, the
corporation has a chain of exclusive emporiums, named 'KAIRALI'.

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