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Going by the legend, Kerala was reclaimed from the waters. As the folklore proclaims Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, threw his axe into the sea, covered the maximum distance possible and formed the state of Kerala. No doubt, the geographical features of Kerala with its lush green vegetation, and palm trees, uphold such a legend's existence.

We would like to introduce Green Pepper Holidays, a division of Stay Finder hotel inventory and tourism services, the leading destination management company in Kerala. The Green Pepper, with the support of Stay Finder, offers you the best stay and customized packages and competitive rates.

Close on the heels of the successful launch of staylogo, we would like to introduce Green Pepper Holidays, a division of Stayfinder hotel inventory and tourism service, which offers the best stay packages at competitive rates to our clients.

For those backpackers, it provides another avenue to enjoy Kerala’s Western Ghats’s, tea and coffee plantations and jungles apart from taking pleasure in attending workshops, traditional music performances and interacting with locals.

At Green Pepper holidays we are committed to give you great deals from our trusted travel partners, we bring you invaluable advice that we have accumulated with our years of experience. The best way to benefit from our knowledge is to call or mail to one of our expert travel counselors. They’ll be happy to advise you on any of these trips or any other vacation you are planning.

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